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Tog Kids:

CHEFtog gear for our Junior Chefs and Little Chefs.
Same quality, look and feel of our full sized aprons, just smaller :)

Benefits of kids and the culinary arts:

  • Use cooking to raise smart kids:counting, measurement and fractions.
  • Make cooking part of the family culture: the family meal starts in the kitchen as you cook together.
  • Teach nutritional balance: show why certain ingredients are healthier, and how they can be incorporated into dishes.
  • Creativity and Independence:  don't forget that even toddlers can learn cooking. They can hand you measuring cups, utensils (non-sharp), and other lightweight, non-breakable items.  Kids are just creative by nature - they may get creative and surprise you with culinary concoction.
  • The FUN factor:  sometimes you need to just put down the digital devices.