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Tog Kids

Tog Kids gear for our Junior-Teen Chefs and Little Chefs. Same quality, look and feel of our full sized aprons, just smaller :)  There are so many benefits of kids and the culinary arts:  (1) Cooking strengthens math skills: counting, measurement and fractions.  (2) Cooking is part of the family culture: the family meal starts in the kitchen as you cook together.  (3) Learning about nutritional balance: show why certain ingredients are healthier, and how they can be added into dishes.  (4) Life skills: kids learn how to handle measuring cups, utensils, mixing, read recipes, etc

Little Togs Kids Apron

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The Little Togs Kids Apron is perfect for young kids who are just starting to explore the joys of cooking and baking.  Made of high-quality, lightw...

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