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Size Chart

We make our aprons in five sizes: Big and Tall, Regular, Petite, Junior-Teen, and Kids. Build your own Apron by using our customization options - add length to your apron, add longer ties, changing the tie color, add towel loops, add embroidery, and even change the hardware. 

Consider the individual's body shape and preference when selecting a size. If in doubt, it's often better to choose a slightly larger size for comfort and ease of movement. Use the table below and a tape measure to figure out what fits!

Note: Please remember that standard style aprons have two waist ties. An apron with 50" waist ties has a 50" tie on each side of the apron.  [ 50" Tie + the apron width + 50" Tie = the total around the wearer. ]


Apron Size Chart
Apron Fit
Apron Size (W x L)
Neck Strap (N)
Bib Width (B) Top2Waist (T) Waist Ties
Big and Tall 37" Wide x 36" Long 15"-29" Long ~9.6" ~11.5" 50" Long (ea)
Regular 33" Wide x 32" Long 16"-28" Long ~9.2" ~11.25" 40" Long (ea)
Petite 27" Wide x 30" Long 16"-28" Long ~8.5" ~11.0" 40" Long (ea)
Junior-Teen 27" Wide x 30" Long 16"-28" Long ~8.5" ~10.5" 40" Long (ea)
Kids 20" Wide x 20" Long 8"-20" Long ~6 ~8.0" 20" Long (ea)

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