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CHEFtog influencer program

CHEFtog manufactures professional grade aprons for the hospitality industry as well as aprons for the little chef in training and all sizes in-between!  Our aprons are all proudly manufactured in the USA (Chicagoland area) with an eye for quality and detail.  We are proud to put our name on our product and customers can be proud to wear our aprons.
Below are some features of our products:

  • We carry a wide variety of colors and fabric types (cotton, poly/cotton, canvas, etc.)
  • Our aprons feature nickel hardware for durability
  • Our pockets are double stitched with bar tacking & generously sized (variation of pocket configurations are available)
  • Military strength webbing is used for waist ties and neck strap
  • Highly adjustable neck strap (regular adult has 8” of adjustment)
  • All aprons are professional grade – these aprons are used in restaurants across the country
  • Cotton fabric weights range from 8oz to 11oz; poly cotton fabric weight of 7 ½ oz
  • All aprons are made to withstand commercial laundering so they will stand the test of time not only in a professional environment but also at home and/or with the kids
  • Bib aprons are available in 4 sizes: big & tall, regular adult, petite/junior & kids
  • Embroidery is available


Through the CHEFtog influencer program, we build a community of individuals who have a passion for cooking, baking, brewing, crafting and more.  An influencer will help promote the CHEFtog products as well as showcase the overall quality and many features of our aprons.  


If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then we would LOVE for you to apply.  All applications are reviewed by the CHEFtog team as we are looking for individuals whose brand aligns with ours.



  • Apron discounts for you and some of your friends & family
  • New/updated gear
  • Ability to provide feedback and suggestions about current products as well as ideas for new products
  • Opportunities to be featured on our Website and/or social media (Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook pages)


What’s Required

  • You must love CHEFtog gear and show a passion for the product
  • You must have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and/or YouTube following (minimum of 75K followers or more on at least one site)
  • Your followers will have a high affinity with our products (example:  chef, food professional, baker, home cook, barista, restaurant worker or owner, butcher, artist, crafter, beer maker, culinary organization, etc.)
  • You must have the ability and willingness to take great photos to promote CHEFtog.  We will leave the weekly number of posts up to you, but would request that each post is different and new
  • You will need to put our link in your bio when running promotions for us
  • We may require specific hashtags and some suggested text for postings


Contact us for more information.

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